Top 30 Grad School Blogs

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Both of my kids are entering grad school in the fall.  Although I have a MBA, I feel like a fish out of water when it comes to advising them about grad school, so I was happy to find some resources they might use today:  a list of the Top 30 Grad School Blogs.  The list includes blogs about particular curriculum areas (math, law, science, psychology) and specific universities.  I thought some of the most intriguing ones were focused on the grad school process:

“22. My Graduate School publishes content on successful methods for applying to and preparing for graduate school. Articles range in topics from selecting the perfect school taking both price and quality into consideration, to avoiding major pitfalls that can hurt your chances for acceptance even after you’ve submitted your applications.
Highlight: Letters of Recommendation for Grad School: Beware the Bad Letter-Writer

“21. The Professor is In focuses on helping graduate students make a successful transition from grad student to professor, especially those who are still grad students when they begin taking on teaching responsibilities.
Highlight: Addressing Search Committee Members

Getting What You Came ForThe My Graduate School blog led me to an article I wish my kids had read a year or so ago, on How to Get In to Grad School.   Oh well, at least I had purchased them a copy of Getting What You Came For several years ago, which is recommended in that article as being “brutally honest”.

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